Head of the Departmentof Geochemistry

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Born: 1948, Moscow

Education: (1998) Doctor of science, Geochemisry, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences (Thesis: Geochemical and Thermodynamic Models of Hydrothermal Vein Ore-forming Systems); (1976) Ph.D., Geochemistry, Geological Faculty, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (Thesis: Experimental Determination of Silica Acid Forms in Aqueous Solutions); (1974) Post-Graduate Course, Geochemistry, Moscow State University; (1971) M.S. Moscow State University, Geological Faculty.

Employment: (1999- ) - Staff Professor, Department of Geochemistry, Geological Faculty, Moscow State University (main course for students is "Thermodynamics of Geochemical Processes"); "), Moscow; (1986-1999) Staff Associate Professor, Department of Geochemistry, Moscow State University; (1978-1986) Staff Assistant Professor, Department of Geochemistry, MSU; (1974-1978) Staff Junior Scientist, Department of Geochemistry, MSU.

Pb-Zn deposits, greisen, U-Mo and other ore formations).

International experience: Member of the organizing commitee Third International Symposium on Hydrothermal Reactions (1989, Frunze, Kirgizia); 27th International Geological Congress (1984, Moscow, session speaker); 7th & 8th International Symposium Water-Rock Interaction (1992, 1995); Sofia University (1988, Bulgaria,1 month, lectures).

Publications: More than 100 publications and monographs. More importans for the last years:

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